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June, 2014
Top 10 Scams Against Seniors
Question: What are the most common scams aimed at seniors? 
Answer: Please click here.

Top 8 Ways to Protect Yourself from Scams 
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October, 2014
SNAP Benefits
Question: Can I lose my SNAP (food stamps) by not using them?
Answer: Please click here.
September  2014
Question: Is it bad to take ones if you don't need them?
Answer: Please click here.
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November, 2014
Seniors & The Flu
Question: Do I need a shot?
Answer: Please click here.
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2014 Eldercare Q&As

December 2015

Flu Shots

Question: Is it too late in the season to get a flu shot?

Answer: Please click here.
For more information about issues important to older adults and their caregivers, check out our Caregiving MetroWest website, which includes a regularly updated blog with additional Q&As with experts in fields related to eldercare.
Check out our Eldercare Q&As:
2015 Eldercare Q&As

July 2015

Senior Health in Massachusetts

Question: Is Massachusetts a healthy state for seniors?

Answer: Please click here.

August 2015

Long Term Care

Question: How long is 
long term care?

Answer: Please click here.

October 2015

Family History

Question: Do you have a written family health history?

Answer: Please click here.

September 2015

COLA for Social Security

Question: In January, 2016, will seniors get a cost of living increase?

Answer: Please click here.

November 2015

Protecting Your Pension

Question: How can I make sure I get my full pension when I retire?

Answer: Please click here.

January 2017

The Importance of Vaccines for the Elderly

Question: Is it important for seniors to keep up on their vaccines?

Answer: Please click here.

January 2016

Watching Out for Elderly Eyes

Question: Is watching TV or reading bad for my eyes?

Answer: Please click here.
2016 Eldercare Q&As:

Febuary 2016

Getting "Extra Help" with Drug Costs

Question: Can I get financial help with my Medicare drug costs?

Answer: Please click here.

March 2016

Eating Well, Feeling Better

Question: Should older people    worry about "eating better"?

Answer: Please click here.

April 2016

Longing for a Good Night's Sleep

Question: Do older people need less sleep than younger people?

Answer: Please click here.

May 2016

What's the Matter with Your Bladder?

Question: Are bladder problems a common concern for older people?

Answer: Please click here.

June 2016

Preparing Yourself for Medicare

Question: I am turning 65, how should I get ready for Medicare?

Answer: Please click here.

July 2016

Being Pushed Out of the Hospital Too Soon?

Question: If I think I'm not ready for a hospital discharge, can I appeal?

Answer: Please click here.

August 2016

Should I Buy Prescriptions Online?

Question: Are online Canadian pharmacies offering cheap drugs for real?

Answer: Please click here.

September 2016

Keeping Your Cool 
on Very Hot Days

Question: Are seniors at greater risk for hyperthermia?

Answer: Please click here.

October 2016

Be Wary of Home Repair Scams

Question: Are the elderly at greater risk of housing improvement scams?

Answer: Please click here.

December 2016

Drug Abuse and the Elderly

Question: Is drug abuse an issue with older people?

Answer: Please click here.

November 2016

Medicare and Your 
Maintenance Care

Question: Do I have to "improve" to keep getting home health care?

Answer: Please click here.

July 2017

​The Care and Treatment of
​Sciatic Pain

Question: Is sciatic nerve
 pain something I just have
 to put up with?

Answer: Please click here.

February 2017

Helping the Deaf 
and Hard of Hearing

Question: What's the 
difference between hard of hearing and deaf?

Answer: Please click here.

March 2017

​Getting the Most from 
Your Drug Plan

Question: Is there more to 
using a drug plan than just selecting one?

Answer: Please click here.

April 2017

​Getting Older, 
Staying in Shape 

Question: As I get older, 
does it really matter to stay physically active?

Answer: Please click here.

May 2017

​Are Dietary Supplements 
Worth Buying?

Question: Are there any health benefits from dietary supplements?

Answer: Please click here.

June 2017

​The Impact of Retirement 
on Your Health

Question: Does retirement 
have a positive or negative 
impact on health?

Answer: Please click here.

January 2018

Closing the Food Stamp 
"SNAP Gap"

Question: Are a lot of eligible elders not getting food stamps?

Answer: Please click here.

August 2017

​Alzheimer's Home 
Safety Checklist

Question: Are there tips to 
make a home safe for 
people with Alzheimer's

Answer: Please click here.

September 2017

​Preventing Cognitive 

Question: Are there any strategies for preventing or slowing cognitive decline?

Answer: Please click here.

October 2017

Learning about Lung Health

Question: What are the major lung conditions elders should know about?

Answer: Please click here.

November 2017

Protection Against Utility, 
Phone Shut-Offs

Question: Do the elderly or ill have protections against utility shut-offs?

Answer: Please click here.

December 2017

All About Medicare 
Open Enrollment

Question: What happens during Medicare Open Enrollment?

Answer: Please click here.
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